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Welcome to the site of my SHARP PC-1401.

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I made this site on my free time and there is some information about SHARP PC-1401.
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Model:                          PC-1401 Pocket Computer
Processor:                     8 bit CMOS CPU
Programming Language: BASIC
Memory Capacity:         System ROM: 40 K Bytes
                                        System           About 500 Bytes
                                            Fixed Memory Area 208 Bytes
                                              (A~Z, A$~Z$)
                                            Program/Data Area PC-1401 3534 Bytes
Stack:                           Sub-routine: 10 stacks  Function: 16 stacks
                                     FOR-NEXT: 5 stacks  Data:         8 stacks
Operators:                     Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, trigono-
                                     metric and inverse trigonometric functions, logarithmic
                                     and exponential functions, angle conversion, square
                                     and square root, cubic root, hyperbolic and inverse
                                     hyperbolic functions, coordinate conversion, power
                                     root, sign, absolute, integer, relational operators, logical
                                     operators, etc.
Numeric Precision:        10 digits (mantissa) + 2 digits (exponent).
Editing Features:            Cursor left and right, line up and down, character insert,
                                     character delete.
Memory Protection:       CMOS Battery backup.
Display:                         16 character liquid crystal display with 5 x 7 dot charac-                                        
Keys:                            76 keys: Alphabetic, numeric, special symbols, and
                                      functions. Numeric pad. User defined keys.
Power Supply:               6.0V DC: Lithium cells.
                                      Type: CR-2032 x 2
Power Consumption:     6.0V DC @ 0.03W
                                     Approx. 300 hours when 55555555. is on continuous
                                     display at an operating temperature of 20�C, this time
                                     may very slightly with the operation method, etc.
                                      � One hour operation per day allows the battery to
                                        be used for approx. 4 month. This is true for one
                                        hour operation consisting of 10 minutes of calcula-
                                        tions or program executions and 50 minutes of 
Dimensions:                   170(W) x 72(D) x 9.5(H) mm.
                                     6-11/16''(W) x 2-27/32(D) x 3/8''(H)
Weight                          Approximately (with cells and hard cover) 150g (0.33 lbs)
Accessories:                  Hard cover, two lithium cells (built-in), keyboard-
                                     template and instruction manual.
Options:                         Printer/Cassette Interface (CE-126P)

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