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Here you can find some interesting program for your SHARP.

If you download this programs attentively read text files that include in archive with program. When creating programs for the pocket computer, was used programs for transfering data between pocket computer and personal computer WAV2BIN and BIN2WAV.
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Cover version 1.05

This program is cover for comfort work with programs, that let work with SHARP pocket computer. Download

MEMORY INFO (indicator of filling of memory)

It let you find out amount of busy and free memory in bytes and percents. Download


Program let define day of week in which you were born with using of year, month, date. Download


This is text editor that can help you write some text on your SHARP. It is more useful if you have printer. This editor can print,write or read text from the cassete tape. Download


This simple program let your computer make a beep after some time. You can give time in minutes or seconds.


That program was made just for fun. If you want to use it, you must have more than one SHARP computer. Like i think two or more pocket computers must be connected parallel each other. after this run program messenger and choose RECEIVE mode after from any other PC you can send short message.

EAN-13&UPC TEST (Authentication of stroke code)

This program check up authenticity of stroke code by checking of control number. The codes of the countries of the manufacturers are included in delivery (but not in the program). Download